BVIO’s logo is derived from the practise of "Recall Healing" which is a healing process based on the identification and resolution of emotional trauma behind the relevant condition or behaviour. Information kept in subconscious plays an important role within the healing process, therefore researching into the details of the past of one’s lifetime or even beyond, is vital in healing. ‘Bil ve iyi ol’ is Turkish for ‘Know and Be Well’ has formed the basis of BVIO logo.
The client preferred to use male, female and child head silhouettes to symbolise family relations, feelings, thoughts and activities within the mind or stored in subconscious.
Typefaces used in the logo is plain, modern, simple to highlight Initials used in the logo, read with ease.
Utilising bright, vibrant watercolour splashes amongst the sleek, minimal design brought character to the logo and also drew attention to reflect hope and positivity within the healing process which BVIO caters for its target audience.This watercolour palette is used to emphasise interaction within lives, feelings, thoughts, weaknesses and strengths which also relates to BVIO’s profile.

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